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Tear Sheets

A glossy book about Hand-Made Bicycles is coming next.

For now, here are some recent examples of my work, with the names of the relevant publications underneath.


Author & Photographer of:

'Garage, Life in the Offbeat Import Car Shop' Book

sneak peek



Click here for a link to a voiceover I gave to a new DVD about Cafe Racer motorcycles.


Author & Photographer of:

'Muscle Car Dream Garages' Book

sneak peek



Primary Photographer of:

'Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle' Book

sample pages

Author of:

'Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles'

4th Edition, Book

Photographer of:

   'Dave Perewitz: Chopper Master and King of Flames' Book

sample pages

Contributing Photographer of:

'How to Build a Pro Streetbike' Book

sample pages

Contributing Photographer of:

'Techno Chop' Book






Motorcyclist Magazine - USA

Motorcyclist features

'Pro Streetbikes' Calendar

Contents Page

Maxxis Tires Advertisement


Super Streetbike Magazine - USA

Super Streetbike features



Cafe Racer Magazine - USA

Cafe Racer features


KicXstart Magazine - Holland

KicXstart features


Classic Bike Magazine - UK

LBZ Autograph Poster

Motorcycle News Newspaper - UK

MCN features

Iron Works Magazine - USA

Iron Works features

LBZ Clothing Company Advertisement


Moto Revue Magazine - France

Moto Revue features

Tucker Rocky Distribution Company Clothing & Accessories Catalog


TWO Magazine - UK


WOW, you're still here. Well don't worry we're at the bottom and we'll end with some variety. In this first one, the photos are by Peter Chesworth and the story by Peter Henshaw. Me? I'm a road tester:





Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine - UK



And finally, an old one. I wrote this one in 2001, much to the disgust of most people in the motorcycle industry. Back then this stuff was very controversial, but that's what made it such a great story!



Motorcycle Street & Strip Magazine - USA